Verlauf aktuelle Firmware Verdeckmodul Mods4Cars+Änderungen

Verlauf aktuelle Firmware Verdeckmodul Mods4Cars+Änderungen

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Changelog for STLFAI2 - smartTOP for Audi A5 Cabrio and R8 Spyder neueste Version v.2.00 (Stand Juni 2018)

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SmartTOP for Audi A5 Cabrio and R8 Spyder

2009-12-11 First version started (Berlin)
2009-12-12 Initial version finished
2009-12-12 First release version v1.00
2010-08-24 Update: Window position after top open programmable (fn 2&3 now have 4 settings each) - v1.10
2011-05-09 New function: Keyless top and windows operation - v1.20
2011-06-24 Improved window code to ensure all windows close properly - v1.21
2013-09-17 Support for Audi R8 added - v1.30
2014-03-31 Bugfix for some A5 models with keyless option where windows would lower when not intended
2014-04-09 Added function 7 setting 2 (separate window control via door handle) - v1.40
2014-06-05 Added function 8 for inverting console switch direction - v1.50
2015-03-05 Fix for rear window up on newer R8 models after top up *REQUIRES NEW HARNESS* - v1.51
2015-08-02 Fix for stuttering windows when opening by remote on R8. Windows do not activate while remote is still pressed - v1.52
2016-11-29 Added more settings for Chirp, Keyless and Remote Window operation - v1.60
2018-02-22 Major update, new menu structure, Valet mode, on/off shortcut - v2.00
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